Why Garden?


I thought I should spend 5 minutes explaining the thinking behind Garden, so here goes.

The last 10 years has seen massive changes globally, not just with technology, but also, travel, culture, technology etc, and branding has had to keep up with these changes. People need to understand what companies stand for, what is the thing that defines them, what makes them memorable, and with so much visual and oral noise, its becoming hard to be recognised and understood – enter Garden.

To us there seems to be a distinct lack of personality coming from many brand strategy companies, which is strange in many ways, I’m not talking here about the work they do, although we feel that a lack of approach can mean weaker results, but more about approach in attitude and reflecting through to their own visual language. Of course I do understand the need to stay clear from pigeon holing yourself, or to avoid standing too much in a certain camp and alienating part of your audience. I think that was certainly the way it used to be, but surely these days people are smarter, braver, more aware, and looking for something that stands for something. That is partly why we created Garden, to stand for something.

As a company we want to stand for the things that people think of when they think about creativity, the home of exceptional people, people who only stand for the most challenging brand approaches, the finest of brand strategy, the tightest details when it comes to knowledge and the widest logic when it comes to approach. As a company, we surround ourselves with great people, immerse ourselves in what’s going on at the fringes of life, art, design and culture – exploring, understanding and knowing what’s been and what’s coming around the next corner.

We are about taking good, honest companies and turning them into beautiful things that people believe in, want to wear, be associated with, use, work with etc. What we don’t do is help companies fool customers into trusting them, only to be let down.

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