Technology and branding, shaken or stirred?


What do you prefer? Do you prefer a perfectly blended combination, or a separate approach to your branding and technology fields?

When we look at big brands today, every one of them has one thing in common. They all leverage the tech available to them, be it through websites, new gadgets or using electronic kiosks in shop aisles with spot lights highlighting their chocolate. There’s even a fridge out there right now that leverages the (albeit limited) power of the Near Field Communication (NFC) tag to send you notifications when you’re out of milk. The tech is easy to create, and really doesn’t cost much either. By programming an NFC tag to essentially “weigh” items in your fridge, you’ve gone into the market with a cool modern fridge and have set yourself apart from everyone else by making it a smart fridge.

You can start with a strong brand, but if you wish to make yourself stand out from the crowd, you need to innovate. The innovation doesn’t need to be huge, even if it’s as simple as coding an NFC tag to tell you the ingredients of a ready made meal when you log into the app, definitely not difficult. We’re in a world now where small quality of life tweaks make things more streamlined for our hectic lifestyles.

As a developer, I find it difficult to separate the two fields, they’re both reliant on each other. On one side, I want a good brand, on the other side, I want my life to be easier. Companies that understand this ultimately come out on top. A perfect balance between ease of use and strong brand, not too much of one, but not too much of the other, a good combination.

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