Branding agency to change the world


Branding agency changes the world? ok, so its a big statement, and let’s face it, no branding agency is going to change the world single handedly, but maybe it isn’t as silly as it might sound.

Many people view the branding agency cynically, and why shouldn’t they, after all, it has been the branding agency that for many years has been used by many people as a method of selling products full of rubbish to children, products that have clogged up the countryside with litter, clogged up peoples arteries with saturated fats, in fact to many it would seem that the branding agency is the weapon of the larger corporates to tell lies to the masses.

The good news is that this isn’t going to happen as much as time goes on, at least not as long as Google isn’t controlled by governments, Twitter is the voice of the people, and Facebook is the home of global communities, and any other new platform. And let’s face it, there are ever more ways to communicate with the world, with newer platforms for sharing and talking.

In the past it was too easy for larger companies to retain their stake and control their revenue by controlling the market, if anyone had anything bad to say, their voice would soon be stifled. But with so many open platforms, and so many people getting instant access to the masses, means that larger companies have no choice other than to hear their customers, and change accordingly – or face pretty quick losses of share value and dwindling profits.

We have seen this phenomenon, at first I wasn’t sure how effective it would be, but after watching many publicly raised issues, and watched these corporates value drop, you start to realise it works, and that the public do have power, the kind of power that is natural, as opinion is like a ship, it takes many voices in its sails to move, but once a breeze of change hits and it starts to turn, it’s impossible to stop, no matter how great the work by a branding agency.

So how does this relate to a branding agency changing the world? well, in my view, branding and what a branding agency does is still the only thing that people can use to tell one product or service from another, and what the values of that brand stands for, so in reality, it’s not just how great a logo looks, but actually deeper. It’s what’s behind the brand and what a branding agency does that counts, yes of course a brand needs to be exciting visually, but more than that, it has the power to change companies from the inside. In fact, branding is the best way of doing this. Yes it does take internal communications, campaigns, training, recruitment etc. but who knows more about this world than a branding agency?

So from my view, branding is about making organisations right from the moment it brings someone in, from the inside to the surface, from the surface to the customer – joining all the dots. It can only operate in this way, any other way will only mean failure, and this is fundamental to what a branding agency brings.

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