Branded content and the art of storytelling


Branded content has been taking a prominent stage for marketeers across the globe, not happy with the results of traditional advertising, marketers have realised that there is a much more powerful approach to getting products into the consumer mindset.

Branded content though has some challenges; managing multi channel campaigns, creating content, getting content out there, all can be tough. However, if achieved, the results are excellent, and a way for companies demonstrating and parading themselves with confidence. Where as traditional advertising was/is about building audiences with entertainment, then paying to interrupt the audience in the hope of doing it enough to etch your name into the viewers brain, of late advertisers have moved on, and mostly understand that by making the ad an entertainment piece in its own right is far more powerful than the traditional product demonstration. In other words, engage the viewer, make the viewer smile or fill them with wonder, and they will be happy to embrace your offer – the power of likability.

Branded content takes this to a new level; content that has its own followers, its own reason for people to watch, read and enjoy, builds willing, and indeed, truly engaged viewers – this is the fundamental difference, people who are absorbing the offer willingly. Of course, this won’t mean that viewers will automatically purchase your product, but you are shortening the distance consumers have to travel to convert, i.e. they all ready know you, they probably like you, and so when given a choice they are more likely to purchase or engage your brand above and beyond others that follow the more traditional process of ‘interruption’.

Our partner agency Nomad have been doing just this for some time now, creating branded video content for their clients that is far more powerful than traditional advertising. I spoke to Co-Founder Phil Griffiths recently about this subject. He commented, “We are finding these days that our clients are becoming smarter and smarter, and this area of our business is growing better than any other. Yes we are still creating commissioned Television content and corporate communications pieces, but our role is evolving. Now we are responsible for helping our clients plan and build digital and broadcast television video content strategies and campaigns, that carve out large channels of consumer action; with people happy in the knowledge that they are being sold to, because they are not there because they have to be, they are there because they want to be”.

I asked him how they do it, what makes them different, Phil explained – “The key is story telling. Too many, focus solely on the client. But it’s just as, if not more, important to cater for the platform or publisher, and ultimately the audience. We know video, we know the channels, we know our customers and how to speak to them, so things seem to be starting to snow ball, which is really exciting for us right now”.

This approach isn’t new, but is a developing sector, and it isn’t easy for companies to just start doing it. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience, but with the right team, the results can be much greater per buck, dirham, dollar or pound, and this area is growing and building. I would suggest if you are looking at building a branded content campaign then why not get in touch with the Nomad team to branded content.

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