Brand Britain in a storm


So the referendum happened, and what a storm of a day, but more importantly, what a storm! To me it was a tough day on both counts, being a fairly liberal person who tends to stand more left of the middle than right, seeing our country torn apart was a heart sinking moment, as was waking up in the depths of another storm, seeing a months worth of rain in just one night had my house under a foot of water!

Looking back over the rubble of the last few weeks, I can see many problems, one of the bigger issues at hand is how Britain responds to the fallout of the UK’s pealing off from the EU, and as such, the stress of the whole country – the lies told before the referendum starting to reveal themselves, and leaving three kinds of voter; the disappointed remain voter, the regretful leave voter, and the triumphant leave voter. I suspect though, that many of the leave voters are starting to come to terms with what they have done to the brand of the United Kingdom, and the future lives of our children.

So what does this mean to Brand Britain? will it be a good thing? or will we suffer? to me unfortunately it is leaning more on the latter, to me what made Britain Great was how much it had changed over the years, how we as a nation had become more accepting of cultures, we had bridged (or so I thought) the ditch of racism, yes it still occurred, but it had become the rarity rather than the norm, and yet Britain today feels a little uglier, to me it still has a great deal to offer, it is still ‘Great’, but somehow, it feels, I don’t know, grubby maybe. Something that Britain has always had though, is a way ‘somehow’ of its people pulling together, rallying round, making it work, and never have I seen that more than voting day, with my house under 12 inches of toxic water, and the insurance company never getting back to me, watching my beautiful house crumble in front of my eyes while my country seemed to make a colossal mistake, I had one great thing for comfort – the great British people, and the humble, and yet so powerful – cup of tea. Yes it’s true, people all over my village came out to help, yes there was the usual gawpers taking pictures and actually smiling at me, as if to say ‘ha, at least it wasn’t me’, but amongst these fools where mostly compassionate people, people offering to help in any way they could, with the humble cup of tea, or toast and butter, or to help with possessions, cleaning and more.

So for me today, I have a house that has been turned upside down, a stressed out family with no home and a wife in tears, and yes, the usual insurance company run around, spending more time avoiding a resolution than helping a distressed family with young children (watch this space for further events unfolding on this matter, Suppershoppers content maybe?). And I have a business that fortunately for us, trades globally, but can see the impact on friends and families, as well as an eventual impact on us too I dare say.

As for the flag of Great Britain, maybe we should replace the good old union jack with, well, how about a cup of tea!

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