Sandwich Cream

I recently read the news that Heinz is considering changing the name of Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream – I find this fascinating! I can’t say if I think this is a good thing to do or not, but I have to say that my initial instinct is that it … More >

Rebrands and context

The resent Aldi re brand has lead me to write a piece about change and audience relevance, and how having a broader understanding on how brands relate to customers, in the process struggle of brand change, the important core is often replaced with fear induced waste. Re brands all have … More >

Why should I be brand loyal?

“You’ve worked even harder than we imagined you would – have some more money”. “You didn’t use as much as we thought you would – have some money back” I think it’s fair to say that we’d like to hear these types of things on a regular basis. Not because … More >

Can you be TOO friendly? (branding and authentic attitudes)

Branding and authentic care has its place. I got a call recently from my car breakdown people. I’d called them out recently so I assumed that this was a follow up. I don’t have a problem with follow-up calls in principle – feedback is always good, especially bad feedback. But … More >

Don’t waste my time – People don’t have time for brand fluff; talk less but talk smart!

You know what’s really annoying? People who talk too much! And not just people but things in general. For example, you know when you watch a film that lasts for hours and you sit there and eventually stumble out of the cinema nursing a sore behind and you wonder “so … More >

Branding in a connected world

The world we live in today, and far more so into the future, is super connected, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc … The list is endless. And with this connectivity comes challenges, certainly in the world of branding. The challenge is huge, after all, it wasn’t that long ago that … More >

The brand of a Nation

Recently I was kindly invited to a 40 year celebration for the UAE held at the Millennium hotel in West London. The event for me and my eldest daughter seemed at an outsiders view point, abstract and maybe a little strange, but only really because we didn’t get sub titles … More >

Brand revival and the art of nostalgia

Is it unusual that companies in recent years have started to roll out older brands that have for some reason been scrapped, or ‘parked’? Well not really, there is apparently a hark back to the past in times of austerity or harder days, for some reason people look back to … More >

Branding agency to change the world

Branding agency changes the world? ok, so its a big statement, and let’s face it, no branding agency is going to change the world single handedly, but maybe it isn’t as silly as it might sound. Many people view the branding agency cynically, and why shouldn’t they, after all, it … More >

A branding agency for today

The typical branding agency from the past (or at least a more professional branding agency) have focused on the standard mission, vision and values approach. And yes, this works well as it understands what a company stands for and aligns the brand around this. However in practice over the years, … More >

You can’t replace good design

To me there seems to be a great number of branding or creative agencies out there that try to convince corporate and retail companies that the answer to their dreams is in knowledge and strategic logic, which sure has a great deal of substance, but many of them seem to … More >

Made in – Culture and the Art of branding

At Garden we have had the benefit of working on many cross culture branding projects: from telecoms in the Middle East, to Sri Lankan teas, to UK supermarket brands. We have faced challenges understanding all the complexities with Arabic and Cyrillic typography and also understanding cultural differences, political issues and … More >

Know your client

Knowing where you can take a brand and where the risks are, by Garden. The typical branding agency these days tends to mimic the competition, but good quality agencies, or a branding agency that knows what it is doing, will know that it needs to do several things. Firstly it … More >

Branded content and the art of storytelling

Branded content has been taking a prominent stage for marketeers across the globe, not happy with the results of traditional advertising, marketers have realised that there is a much more powerful approach to getting products into the consumer mindset. Branded content though has some challenges; managing multi channel campaigns, creating … More >

Technology and branding, shaken or stirred?

What do you prefer? Do you prefer a perfectly blended combination, or a separate approach to your branding and technology fields? When we look at big brands today, every one of them has one thing in common. They all leverage the tech available to them, be it through websites, new … More >

The mysteries of brand creation versus the realities of brand perception.

“You do branding? Oh you mean you write a load of bulls**t?” This is a genuine comment that I received relatively recently at a dinner party. It’s actually a pretty common response (well not that exact sentiment) when I get asked the inevitable “what do you do?” question at dinner parties, general … More >

Brand Britain in a storm

So the referendum happened, and what a storm of a day, but more importantly, what a storm! To me it was a tough day on both counts, being a fairly liberal person who tends to stand more left of the middle than right, seeing our country torn apart was a … More >


As a branding agency, I would say that naming is probably one of the hardest things that we ever have to do. Like many things though, these things always seem deceptively simple after the event. Great names sometimes feel like they were just plucked out of the air but I’d … More >

Why Garden?

I thought I should spend 5 minutes explaining the thinking behind Garden, so here goes. The last 10 years has seen massive changes globally, not just with technology, but also, travel, culture, technology etc, and branding has had to keep up with these changes. People need to understand what companies … More >

A loss to the industry.

The last 12 months has seen the loss of 2 people who I greatly respected, and feel the urge to say a few words; firstly Sally Mason (Nesbitt), CEO of Evolve passed away last year at a very young age, leaving far too much behind. She will be missed by many, especially … More >

Building a beautiful website

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or is it? When it comes to building websites, much like fashion, there are trends that come and go. Currently sites with a minimal design are considered as beautiful. Using little to no graphics or using icons only when it’s necessary. This … More >

Is the left brain the right brain?

A subject that is often discussed in the office is the difference between left and right brain thinkers, the difference between people who are great at maths and english, and people who are not – does this make them less important? I don’t think so, and here is why. As … More >