Insight to activation

Customer insight

We interpret trends in human behaviour through a set of tailored tools to help product or service effectiveness. Product / service offer Customer need Opportunity Purchase drivers & consumer habits Current and future audience Customer personality profiling Audience segmentation Price positioning Marketing / promotion & channel delivery Post launch analysis Brand perception mapping Media analysis ROI / conversion analysis

Analysis & optimisation

Brand analysis and optimisation is about getting clear insight into customer expectation and building efficient frameworks to help measure customer attitudes and retention. Getting data isn' enough, interrogating data, interpreting it and making sense of it, and not just for the sake of selling, but for the sake of building relationships - get the relationship right and selling becomes just a natural extension to the relationship.

Brand innovation

Brands these days need to innovate, they need to constantly change and evolve through brand focused innovation, what this means is that for a company to survive it can’t sit back in the hope that its product or service is good enough to stand the test of time, as before long someone will inevitably arrive, maybe many, and start to compete on price, and once this happens both companies start to erode. By putting in place at an early stage a mindset of innovation, you allow people and organisations to see the risk of competition and any potential changes or evolution that the business can make to stay ahead. For example, Apple was once a desktop computer company, but by infusing a mindset of innovation has meant that they have so fay, stayed one step ahead of the competition, inventing mobile phones, music sales, radio, app stores and much more.

This all sounds obvious, but in practice almost all companies go to the market with a single idea and stay there until they start to see their market erode, imagine how more effective a company could be if it has in place a strategy to build future informed innovative thinking, not just predicting the future - but inventing it.

Brand strategy

Brands are living things, they need to be cared for, nurtured and grown. We create or adapt brands to grow the finest fruit based on a simple and honest idea. We start by understanding their differentiator, the thing that makes them unique, and we build this to make clear sense to their customer, and from there we get to understand how the customer interacts with their brand, either through social media channels, e-commerce channels, traditional marketing channels, environments or through bespoke and new brand touch points. But a brands life doesn’t stop there and without continued care it can wither, it needs continued attention to grow and evolve. At Garden we not only create compelling and honest brands, but we align them with care, build them through their channels and maintain them throughout their lifecycle.

Experience strategy

Brands these days are far from what they were even just a few years ago, and in order for people to believe, trust and engage in them there needs to be some form of experience management. What this means is that there should be an understanding and a mapping of where consumers engage and interact with a brand, and what the experience is at each stage. An example of this could be an e-commerce and cart scenario, where the user has a 3 step or less check out, they can discuss a purchase with someone at any stage of the process, that they can bookmark, share, see comparative products etc. In fact there are many ways in which a brand can engage, maintain and build its relationship with its customers, and understanding these hot spots at an early stage can allow a brand to flourish, after all, a brand is nothing if it isn’t experienced properly.

Content strategy

Content is a key branding role and needs to have a clear strategy applied from the outset, getting content right from day one will save many hours of hard work in the future. Content strategies rely on sound brand foundations, as well as clear channel definition and demographic segmentation. Having defined tone and content attitudes before any copy is written allows for clear and safe briefing for content creation, which in turn can reduce content creation costs, reduce errors, and makes sure the right message is delivered to the right people in the right way. Equally, no matter what the sector or channel, building narratives with consumers helps them build a better understanding, and with understanding comes trust.

Brand activation

There are many aspects to brand activation, and these often change depending on sector or channel that any given brand operates within. That said, there are several core aspects that need to be given the right level of care. These are things like brand launches, branded campaigns, PR and social media activity etc. making sure all of the former branding roles are defined from the early stages allows any company to press ahead with a clear vision and defined parameters. Take for example a traditional human resources campaign, if everything has been prepared from the beginning correctly, you will know what content to use, how it should be written, what your target demographic will be, what brand channels are best to use, a strong narrative thread throughout, plus you will be able to tie everything up with every other aspect of the company. These include aligning to your social media strategy, tagging into your service or product advertising and many other company wide functions, any HR functions. So when your final advert hits its market, it will reach the right people, saying the right things, in the right tone of voice, it will have all the correct content, calls to action, legal information and much more.