Growth and transformation requires due diligence, and the power of data allows for confident decision making.


We help the worlds leading organisations see things that are hard to see when in the middle of business noise. We bring focus, understandings and trust to situations that are often bogged down with red tape, bureaucracy and confusion, brought about by companies being busy with their everyday lives.

Businesses mostly start out with a small team of ambitious, focused, energetic entrepreneurs, people who know what is going on, see gaps in the market and attack them with innovation. But over time these companies grow beyond their original founders vision, with this energy and drive replaced with top down management structures, stepped down to the shop floor with standard management process. These are then incentivised with annual reviews, promotion and KPI’s in the hope that they will maintain what was once great.

Outside of this there is little in the way of understanding the larger picture – changes in market environments, changes in behaviour, staff moral, new opportunities in innovation, geographic growth, threats from disassociated verticals etc. What often happens is a business does well at first, it grows to a point, and then new process are put in place to incentivise, but the things like vision, energy, entrepreneurship are replaced with structure and control, allowing smaller companies to compete with more agile and compelling innovative businesses, who often know and understand their customer better, and just as with the David and Goliath principle, become more interesting and compelling, and easy to convert.

Rather than through business consultancy and auditing scenarios, we bring focus from a brand and creative thinking perspective. What we have found is that this change in thinking when taken to board level brings lots of new opportunities for growth, rather than streamlining and cutting back, we build clarity and understanding, define opportunity, building innovation and new energy, and feeding growth.


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Market gap

See the full competitor picture, get some clear data that defines the opportunity and risk.

Our lead consultants spend time studying the competitive market, understanding what works, what doesn’t. From local to international, value to luxury, range v single offer etc, essentially we use many variables relevant to the situation.

Also, our approach to this will depend on the category or sector, and many other variables.





Get a clear picture of your current state.

A sharp and strategic structure to customer research will allow valuable focus back to the brand, service, behaviour, products and much more, allowing a company extreme clarity and understanding.



Understand the vision of the business.

Understanding the stakeholder vision through a series of interviews, allows us to align thinking to the opportunity.


The end result of following the above 3 point process brings:

1 – Clarity on market gaps and opportunity.
2 – Customer need and expectation.
3 – Business objectives and alignment to opportunity.


Once we have some rich insight, we will have strong foundations for building a pin sharp strategy, which in turn will create a brand that is effective, comms that convert and company engagement & behaviour that is aligned to customer expectation and builds company effectiveness.

“We used LAB to build understanding, which we found highly useful”

CEO – Diddy Bites


LAB 12

We also offer other services that form part of a fuller picture, we call this the LAB 12