Sainsbury’s Tu


The rebrand of Sainsbury’s Tu was launched on the 18th June 2013. From research analysis, brand strategy, brand creation, brand guidelines and implementation we played the lead and core agency role.

Working in close cooperation with Sainsbury’s non-food team we helped understand the demographic and position the Tu brand in line with consumer expectations.
An important aspect of the re brand was to ensure the solution was carefully aligned to both the customer experience and the Sainsbury’s supermarket offer.
It was important that the brand was not seen simply as a side-line to the primary grocery offer but as a credible fashion offer in its own right. We developed the tagline “live your style” to be closely reflective of this strategy and Sainsbury’s ‘Live well for less’ proposition.

We were also asked to make recommendations on the name Tu which, after understanding the research results, led us to conclude that with such high spontaneous recognition there was little reason to change the name. Indeed, we felt that the high recognition provided us with firm foundations from which to rebuild the brand. However, the research also highlighted that there were some functional issues with the existing logo which had caused some confusion; expecially in relation to pronounciation. We focused on using a lower case ‘u’ to help pronounciation whilst also emphasising the true meaning of the word tu = you. The name’s meaning – as with all of the other brand elements – aligns well with both the Tu and Sainsbury’s propositions.

The finished logo is stronger and bolder than the past version, bringing a more visual prominence to the brand, the flourish on the ‘u’ helps build in a feminine touch to the logo, as well as help express the tone of the word.

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