Congratulations to Khalid & Spirit of the Emirates!


Garden would like to congratulate Khalid Alansari for winning the Mohammed Bin Rashid Award for young Business Leaders, for best idea for his Dubai airship project Spirit of the Emirates. How exciting to have an airship grace the sky’s of Dubai – a new Dubai icon possibly?

The idea behind this project is not only about bringing a new icon to the Dubai skyline, but to bring with it new technology, with ideas such as augmented reality, social media integration, event support and much more.

Khalid has worked hard for his passion and this is a well deserved award, a long dream to bring the grace of an airship to Dubai’s sky, it would be amazing to see this come to fruition.

Garden are also proud to have supported Khalid in this project, it’s exciting to see this brand getting traction.

Good luck Khalid!

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