Channel 4’s Supershoppers


We were all delighted at Garden to have made another appearance on Channel 4’s rather excellent Supershoppers recently. The episode delved into the sometimes murky world of packaging. Or rather, when is a brand really an artisan “local” offer and when is it not? Or to put it another way, when is it really a big corporate masquerading as an artisan offer?

The show itself looks at some of these issues with a tongue firmly planted in its cheek. But actually there are also serious messages here too. And that’s what attracted us to be involved with it from the start.

Of course, it’s perfectly understandable that all brands want to carve out their own competitive marketing edge, rise above their competition and – perhaps – even become the benchmark in their category (aside from the glory there’s also serious money to be made here!). To that end, we’ve had a proliferation of terms associated with products over the recent past: words such as local, hand-made, rustic, artisan and the like. And, for sure, there’s nothing wrong with that, if they actually are. But if a large corporation uses its financial muscle to create a brand that appears to have all of these things (but actually do not) then not only does this create a massive confusion to the consumer, but you could definitely say that it has a very unfair (or downright deceptive) competitive edge!

We’ve learnt over the years that packaging plays a massively important role in influencing consumer behaviour. And that knowledge stems from building an understanding of what motivates consumer mindsets. What are they looking for? What drives them? What turns them off? We balance these – and others – with an acute understanding of what our brand is trying to achieve. But most importantly we make sure (and this really is important to us) that it’s all put together very honestly!

But, are we taking packaging too seriously? Are we giving this too much thought? The simple answer is no! Seriously, we hope you caught the show and you’ll know exactly what we mean!

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