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Wayfinding is a left side of the brain design function with logic and legibility being at the heart of its role. It requires knowledge of human reason and attention, you need to spend a lot of time getting to know and understand geographic details and plans and get to the heart of a problem with clear and simple detail. That said, it is also a touchpoint to engage people, to express a companies standards, it plays an important role.

There are many varying approaches to wayfinding, from bespoke to off the shelf modular systems, from external to internal fro back lit, top lit, base lit, and there is an art to assigning and specifying its use.

There are many considerations, such as material use and longevity, safety, manufacturing and installation, weather and wear and tear, lighting and ambiance, surrounding landscaping, historical influences, planning, the list goes on. However we have managed to create a template for our thinking, allowing us to approach a project with an open mind and a clear path for effectiveness.

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Garden's team have designed many wayfinding programmes, from famous landmarks like Sharjah's Al Majaz Island, Eurotunnel Le Shuttle to retailer and endorsement programme.

Some of our Wayfinding & signage projects