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Out of every industry, retail design is going through the biggest transformation, there is a lot of negativity around the changes that have been happening, however, there are some amazing opportunities to be explored. With the likes of Amazon, eBay, Apple, Asos etc, high streets have become difficult places for traditional retailers to survive, and with the vast amount of retailers going out of business, it is easy to see first hand the impact this is having on high street retail.

However, now is the time to take advantage of the shuffle that is happening, and although it may seem tough, the answer lies in understanding customers and what they want and need. At the end of the day, they still want to socialise, they still want to engage and they still want entertainment, the end has come to many of the traditions, but in the place of BlockBuster there is Netfix, in place of traditional cinemas there are cinema dinners, in place of book shops there are café shops selling books, or the the other way round. And what used to be shoe shops, is now experience stores for the likes of Nike, or dog hotels or popup shops selling unique products.

Essentially, the world of retail has changed, and now is the time to flourish or die, and it is understanding the landscape for retail and what is happening and why, and also what could be round the corner, brings confidence in decision making. As we have been working in the retail space for over 20 years, we know what and why things are happening, we have worked and created disruptor brands within the retail space, as well as the long standing retail brands, all of which provides us with powerful insight.

Additionally, we have a series of tools that we use that can build insight, as well as testing techniques that help us check solutions along the way.

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We have many years of specialist experience with retail branding projects, from fashion, to forecourt to fmcg. Our expertise covers areas such as retail brand creation, retail packaging and promotion and retail interior design. We have also developed a valued relationship with sensory retail specialist Mood Media who are experts in sound, video and scent. Our work for Mood includes evolving their own brand and communications to better project the value and benefits of what they do.

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