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Over the years we have heard people often say print is dead, but just like high street retail, print isn’t dead, it has just evolved. With less time than ever before, people want instant connections and experiences, so print needs to do several things, it needs to be thought through, with clear content structures, it needs to be playful enough to keep the reader engaged.

In fact, many brands over the years have based their success around the tactile experience that the consumer gets from print itself, the opening, unwrapping, turning etc. Yes of course digital has become highly important, but print still has a vital role to play with consumers, and is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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At Garden we understand that print is an area that still has much to give. These days there are many sophisticated print techniques and knowing and understanding these have helped us achieve some landmark design pieces. From leaflets, packaging and posters to brochures and book jackets, we have created extraordinary designs that win awards and are celebrated as exceptional print pieces. We always encourage the use of recyclable stock and environmentally friendly inks.

Some of our Print design projects