Packaging design

The pack, the form, the experience, the emotion.

Packaging is more powerful than many people believe, often the excitement and energy created by the packaging is more memorable and has more brand recall than the product itself. This is why whether it is a luxury, premium or value offer, getting the experience right is vital.

Packaging is also a general term, however in reality packaging comes in all kinds of shapes and forms, all with their uniques requirements. The drinks industry alone has has cans, to bottle to cartons, then their are fruit drinks, alcohol, health, there is luxury, budget, convenience and more. Then there are private label brands, high street retail brands, start ups, local, forecourt brands, the list is endless and the requirements for knowledge vast. However, getting the experience and brand right means the difference between success and failure.

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The retail market is a particular challenge to many, with ever increasing competition, each brand vying for attention – it can be difficult to understand how to get noticed. That is why we have developed tools for assessing – and influencing – the best path to purchase. Garden are a specialist packaging and branding agency, and have produced many unique packaging projects for some leading companies and organisations. From retail packaging for the FMCG sectors, to packaging for the pharmaceutical prescriptions market: each with their own unique considerations. Garden have created packaging design for technology, drinks, food, private label ranges, pharmaceutical, health and beauty, luxury and pretty much every area imaginable.

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