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Brand engagement has always been the soul of a brand, it is the artery to brand, feeding every aspect to a brands DNA. However it is seldom done well, and although traditional desk drops and beanbags have a place, unless the internal culture of a company is addressed, it’s not long before the beanbag of engagement becomes the dusty reminder of resentment.

There has been a trend in recent years to fill companies up with corporate toys of all shapes and sizes, all of which is great and should long continue, however simply turning a company into a nursery doesn’t drive success. In reality, it is important to think through the business at every level, making sure staff are engaged, active endorsers, brand ambassadors at every level, they need to have figureheads, and mentors, they need a chain of command, they need to be excited, driven, ambitious and motivated, therefore brand engagement needs to be activated from the outset.

It is also virtuous, from the moment you promote for a new role, to the training of staff, to the team building and promoting knowledge sharing, through change and change management and how you manage data through a change programme, every detail should be managed with attention to detail.

So drive unique culture, build richer conversation, manage change, inspire new leaders, build growth from the soul of a company.

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Over the years we have been engaged ourselves to hep with important internal communications and brand engagement initiatives. From producing leading engagement campaigns for the likes of Ernst and Young, changing and dramatically improving behaviour and morale. From GAAP to QRM, to visitor process, to call centre process, we have been guiding and influencing leading organisations to be more focused on improving every aspect of a business.

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