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Environments are where brands are lived and felt more than anywhere, from restaurant interiors, retail kiosks, supermarkets, airports, office environments, forecourts and roadside retail, cafés, banks, just about any space is an opportunity to engage and inspire consumers. The current state of high street retail has meant that retailers have had to find more engaging and inventive ways to keep customers returning, partnering with relevant and associated complimentary offers, like books in café’s or coffee in book shops, café’s in fashion retailers etc.

A fundamental aspect to interior and environment design is planning, space design and flow, and simple improvements to flow can exponentially improve sales, equally there is lighting, as lighting can dramatically influence mood, it can improve flow, increase sales and in general create a more engaging environment. but there are other aspects, like sound, not only music, but subtle ambient sounds below the conscious level has proven to increase sales, as does scent, imagine introducing the smell of fresh cut grass to the tennis section of a Nike store, or fresh baked bread in the kitchen setting of an Aga store.

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As specialists in interior design, retail and experience design, we have created some award winning interior design solutions for world class companies. From B2C to B2B, – interiors influence sales as well as increase productivity, and can dramatically raise profitability. We have created world leading interiors for banks, telecommunications companies, offices, forecourts, supermarkets, cafés and many more varied and interesting clients.

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