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Brands are more important today than ever before, and although the traditional consistent application approach has evolved, it doesn’t mean it is dead. In fact these days the requirement to make sure a brand is applied well is more important, however the situation has changed a lot.

Customers these days expect brands to be refreshing, they expect adaption, variety, stretch, they want a brand to be imaginative and exploratory. What this means is great news for branding companies such as Garden, it means we can have more fun when in comes to implementation and application, it means though that more than before, control of these brands is important. Just free reign on a brand doesn’t cut it with customers, they are subconsciously more aware than ever before, and when a brand doesn’t feel like it has been thought through, they now, and they instantly start to form the wrong opinion. Brand systems these days need to work harder, smarter, be more versatile and yet still remain consistent and well applied.

In fact, it is fair to say that these days, the balance of traditional corporate identity and control and abstract variety is a delicate game, and it needs lots of care, control and testing, however, get this right and the benefits are amazing, with customers building strong recall, with far greater engagement with brands that are playful but managed professionally.

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