Idea generation

Sometimes, all a problem needs is some lateral thinking, and it can be amazing what happens when you put designers, tech-heads and strategists into a room full of business leaders, that’s when problem solving gets interesting.

The trouble most of the time is that companies start out with visionary entrepreneurs excited about the future, however over time they sell out and new people come on board who are more about the numbers, stripping back and making leaner systems in order make bigger profits. The downside to this is that over time they stop building customer relationships and start to compete on price, which inevitably weakens markets and eventually the company itself. However, sometimes, bringing in a creative team at board level can generate new and interesting ways of looking at things.

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A collection of practical visionaries, anoraks, techno geeks, philosophers and general creative wizards; As branding specialists, idea generation comes naturally to us. In fact it is fair to say that most of what we do has an idea at its core. Compelling ideas help inspire, attract & sell, and are an essential staple to any company or organisation. Being able to understand, harness and grow this ability has helped many of our partners to improve their businesses too; by putting the right people together in a room, giving them the right tools, showing them how to think and training them to confidently express their brand can help build powerful changes to any company or organisation.

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