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We’re living in a digital world, with many people shopping, communicating and sharing daily on digital devices. Invariably, the first place people go to when they need information is the internet; either via a computer, tablet device or mobile phone. In fact it has become hard to operate these days without some form of digital connection, even our cars are becoming linked up to satellite systems for their onboard computer diagnostics systems as well as satellite navigation.

Today we live in a digital first world, more people shop on their mobile these days than ever before, with current figures telling us that many more people now spend money on their mobile than desktop. But it doesn’t stop there, people spend more time engaging on social media than any other activity, the first and last thing they see every day is predominantly their mobile devices and as such, every aspect of retail life has changed. The impact on high street retail has been huge, and the face of retail and social is now a different space.

Add to this the newer evolution of YouTube entertainments, starting with our children being activated through these channels, sold to by these channels, engaged by these channels. What was once a simple video sharing tool, is fast becoming a whole new game changer, new content created from home, new hero’s and personalities, it’s changing and its changing fast.

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Here at garden, we create consumer faced connected experiences, simplifying usability, circumnavigating technology hardware and delivering seamless tools. There are two main aspects to success within digital, firstly understanding the channels and opportunities these bring, and then from the other side, what the customer wants and expects. If approached in this way the place where they meet in the middle is highly effective. At Garden we design and develop simplified and highly effective e commerce solutions, experiential environments and across every device, touch point and location. From website design to e commerce solutions, from mobile apps to ATM interface design, from augmented reality design to experience design, from social media content design, we have over 20 years of rich digital experience, and with large and exciting clients.

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