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Good brand strategy is imperative, and makes or breaks a brand. There are several sides to a good brand strategy, it needs insights to understand the situation, we need to understand the competitive landscape, know what opportunities are there, what risks are there. We need to understand what has been before, what comes from within the company, such as staff behaviour and attitudes, what are the capabilities, what are the hurdles for change. But equal to these stabilising qualities that a brand strategy brings, it should also bring attitude, it should define a unique value proposition, it should be brave, clear easy to learn, engaging, thorough.

When we define a brand strategy, the risk is often that bringing this to life can be where the vision falls through the gaps. Therefore it is important to bridge the intellect with visual, tonal and physical references, so that when going from strategy to brand creation, the foundations remain intact.

Because of the typical disconnect that can happen, we have produced a transitionary process between strategy and brand creation, this allows for a certain amount of visual and tonal referencing, and an immersive workshop with the strategy team, the design team and the client, to make sure that we all see the potential of where the brand could end up.

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Brand strategy allows a company to move forward with confidence, knowing the vision and unique value proposition allows for sound momentum. Everything we do has solid foundations, starting with sector research, competitor analysis and stakeholder vision. Based on these findings we define a brand strategy that has solid ground. Although we believe in a solid brand strategy, we don't believe in following typical brand strategies, we believe that all brands need foundations in order to manage behaviour and guide, however we feel that having a unique value proposition is what creates the real differentiation.

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