Brand naming

A brand name is the foundation of a brand, it can make a brand feel interesting, intriguing, abstract, mystical, almost anything. It is often the balance of a name and the expression of a brand that balance delicately with the consumer experience, to build expectation and interest. Getting these two things right can make or break a brand.

There are several approaches to naming, you can make a name work closely with the expectation, in which case less media spend is required helping the consumer join the dots. Or names can be abstract and can build interest around a concept that can be interesting to express visually, however media spend is higher to allow the consumer to join the dots.

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We invented a methodology 17 years ago, which has been highly effective for our clients. Today, most of that methodology is in place, however we believe that although the foundations are strong, we need to make sure we treat every project with a different framework in mind, something that best suits that clients requirements. Additionally, before we move too far ahead with a particular proposition, we like to challenge this once we have been sitting within this space for a while.

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