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To help, we have a form below which you can use to help us get as much detail as possible. We provide a research snapshot for free, which is a half day brand audit and competitor landscape analysis, or we provide a more in-depth analysis via the Lab team (read more about this here).

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Brief - tell us about your project, the more detail the more efficient we will be, tell us who your competitors are, describe your services, your customer benefit- as much as you can. If you need help with writing a brief, we do provide free briefing templates to help you ask the right questions.

The Lab

Providing a solid platform, the Lab is a product we offer to help companies, brands and organisations to understand their market situation prior to any commitment. From brand audits, competitor and market gap analysis, risk and opportunity studies, customer feedback, stakeholder interviews, internal awareness, trademark state and infringement checks, social media reputation and share of voice studies, behaviour mapping, basically providing a clear picture, allowing for better focus for branding work and sharper targeting for communications and better brand engagement.

Briefing templates

Brands and rebrands don’t happen often, and few people are really aware of the best process to engage a branding programme, and even briefing an agency can potentially be difficult. To help the process, we have created briefing templates to help provide a structure for an effective brief. You can download these form here.

Strategy interviews

We offer free one to one interviews with key stakeholders with our lead strategists and founders, to listen to scenarios and to provide free opinion and thinking.