A luxury brand for pro tanning.

A luxury brand and packaging for TanOrganics, creates a clean and fresh brand expression, twinned with a sense of organics. From brand strategy, naming, brand creation and logo design, through to packaging design and promotion.

The brand is a balance or luxury and natural health, using fine finishes, natural materials and with good use of space.

Sainsbury’s fashion brand Tu with a complete new brand.

Working with Sainsbury’s London office for over 12 months, we helped them achieve record growth in their non food sector, from research and customer perception, through strategy, naming, customer journey, identity creation, implementation, and creating guidelines as well as packaging, labelling, photography and comms language (above & below the line). Additionally, we have helped them build an endorsement strategy and consultancy for celebrity endorsement and campaign structure for both primary and secondary level endorsement.

A re brand by Garden – one of London’s strategic branding agencies.

100 – the interiors company

100 is a interiors fit-out company based in London, creating high quality finishes for contemporary interiors.

We created the brand strategy, name, brand and brand application for them, an abstract brand that is memorable and contemporary. The brand is mostly produced in blacks, greys and silver foils, which builds an elegant and clean image of the company.

Garden is a London based branding company with strong experience with leading global brands spanning many years, a branding agency of note, we pride ourselves in being leaders in creating unique and individual brands.

MEED (EMAP) – re branding the iconic Middle Eastern news icon

MEED, once the acronym for Middle East Economic Digest, came to us to help them make sense of their brand issues. Confused about what they stood for, customer confusion around their services, a dated logo and communications style – they needed help.

After research into name recognition and basic customer and non customer awareness, we found that no one knew about the acronym and only knew them as MEED, that customers found them dated and un-inspirational.

We’ve defined their brand strategy, re-did their logo and brand comms and today they are a fresh, contemporary and leading middle eastern publication and business intelligence company.

Migration Museum

Migration Museum Project is a charitable organisation seeking to create Britain’s first museum of migration – an institution to celebrate the role migration has played in the national story.

Set up by a group of experienced professionals from immigration, human rights, museum, literary and artistic backgrounds, Garden was approached to help push this creative and thoughtful project forwards.

Sharjah News 24

Sharjah 24 is a 24 hour digital news channel for the UAE Emirate of Sharjah, we branded the Sharjah News channel, from strategy through to final concept, design and identity system.

We are Garden, one of the UK’s strategic based branding agencies.


Cocolina is a boutique cafe shop designed for the Qatar market. The concept for the brand is to create an elegant and imperial style offer to appeal to the Qatari woman looking for some relaxed ‘me’ time. A nostalgic and elegant approach, the brand brings a sense of history and culture.

The cafe experience needed to express creativity, history and elegance, and with a sense of artisanal flare. Created from the London office, we explored many creative directions, the end results visual communication feels interesting and unique.

Ajman Bank, Shariah banking brand

Ajman Bank is a Sharia compliant bank from the Emirate of Ajman. We created the brand strategy, brand creation and brand activation, from website interface look and feel, credit card design, interiors look and feel, brochures and more.

The brand has a progressive and interesting attitude that is based around being ‘close to you’ which was formed around the Sharia way of being – four rings representing the self and responsibility to family and the wider community.

The visutal language for the brand is based around purity, warmth and welcoming – putting the customer at the heart of the brand.

Ajman Bank’s objectives were to launch a new and exciting Sharia compliant banking brand that would appeal to the values and senses of a growing non-national demographic, as well as the traditional Arabic market.

This project won a best credit card design by Visa.

Tissir Gaz re brand

The beauty of good design is making something complicated look easy, and this is exactly what this project was all about, using design to make complicated relationships work.

A complicated brand architecture issue with multiple brands across different locations, all with intricate partner relationships, all had to be taken into consideration to be able to build a cohesive brand that makes sense with consumers.

Tissir Gaz is a leading African gas network and a sub brand of Afriquia Gaz, supplying gas for business and homes across the whole of North Africa.

This project was made more complicated due to the multi-cultural aspect of North Africa and its French and Arabic language.

A highly strategic project, bringing together multiple brands, all with existing local equity, competing dealer relationships, corporate hierarchy and integrated corporate business acquisitions and growth strategies.

The end result is a bright and fresh brand evolution, an intelligent and yet simple brand architectural, and an effective endorsement programme.