A wild brand for a wild culture.

Wild Culture is an intriguing brand that creates a platform to give a voice to people who have interesting ideas, art, music, food, dance, theatre etc.

The organisation is based around doing things for the right reasons, a strong ethical stance that allows larger but more ethically minded organisations to join the ranks of the unfound artisan.

A brand for the gaps of culture.

Photography and message came together to raise questions in the mind of the viewer, touching on art, nature, fashion, food and culture.

Mobile and tablet interface design

A cool cultural brand that bridges the gaps between art, culture, fashion and fame.

Wild culture brand & website

The website was the heart of the brand, a social conscience and artist hub for the gaps in between.

Whitney Smith - Founder

“Garden, what can I say, brilliant in every detail, highly recommend them”.


We did a series of photoshoots to help define the core images for the brand.


Dramatic lighting and concepts that leave you the viewer thinking.