Peach and Berry

Peach & Berry is a UAE based fresh yoghurt ice cream parlour. The offer is a cool, fresh and friendly experience, designed to welcome customers into a place that feels authentic, warm and sociable.

The client came to us with the name, we built the brand strategy, designed the brand, and then implemented the interiors and packaging design. A subtle pastel colour palette complimented the simple and bold graphic brand items.

The core demographic target is mostly female emirate with a good social life, looking for a healthy alternative to enjoying food and a fun social environment.


A bold branded pattern

The brand uses a fun and bold pattern across al core brand touch points.

Packaging design

The packaging design is a balance of bold patterns, simple and elegant design that creates a unique feel.

Point of sale

The environment uses a cross of vintage and natural materials.


Bold graphics applied to walls as decals.