Hug, a new infra red heating brand, a cool brand for a hot subject.

The London agency create a new and exciting brand for IR. Hug is an infrared heating system based on the same technology that is used to heat incubators. A bright and vibrant brand designed with technology in mind, the logo is formed from a single shape and the colour palette warm and engaging

A brand in the home

A brand that sits at the heart of the home.

A brand based around technology and living.

Hug is an infrared heating system, providing energy efficient heating that heats objects rather than air. Used in hospitals to maintain heat in incubators, it is highly tested and proven a healthy alternative to traditional heating systems. We created the brand from scratch, starting with research and strategy, through to creating the name, then the brand and logo, through to the full communications.

The brand itself is based on a simple and single form of the word hug, the name created to express the benefit of the technology.

A bright and fun brand.

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