Etisalat re brand

We started the project with the benefit of a sound business strategy, which outlined the bigger strategic foundations of the organisation. Based on this knowledge we set about undertaking both research and brand audit. A basic understanding was that the government was opening up competition in order of improving competition and strengthening up the telecoms market, achieving this by allowing a new license for a new entrant.

We knew that Etisalat already had the trust of its people, but at the same time, it had a certain amount of resentment for owning a monopoly for a long time. This meant that we new the stability needed to remain, as did the cultural foundations that had been built, but that we needed to work on improving the brands connection with its people. Equally, we knew and anticipated that the competitor would come in and take the ‘new boy’ ground, we know they would take a progressive expression, and we knew couldn’t take that ground as the people wouldn’t accept it, a bit like your uncle one day dressing up in young fashion.

The result was a brand that borrowed from the good that it had built in the past, while creating a newer and fresher brand that expressed its new promise to be its customers for the future. With a clean white core base colour and a new fresher green colour palette that borrowed from the colour of Islam.  We used a modern and friendly typeface and we based the photography around family and human connections.

The re brand has been a massive success, it kept its maturity and strong foundations, while also embracing a more human and caring outlook. Currently operating in 23 countries around MENA, it is a respected organisation that transformed from what was seen as a monopolistic corporation, to what is today a human, honest and modern thinking partner to the people.