Diddy Bites

Diddy Bites is a healthy food product for babies and children. Made from organic and nutritious ingredients, Diddy Bites muffins are both tasty and yummy.

Garden were asked to come up with a fun and warm brand that was a fresh outlook to the category. Working to a tight deadline of just 4 weeks, we created the brand, designed the packaging as well as design and build their e-commerce website http://www.diddybites.co.uk

The brand uses a set of animals to build a playful and quirky brand expression, and it uses a bite shape taken out of the packs. The colour palette is soft and gentle pastels and the logo itself is created in a light and fun way.

Packaging design

This is a broccoli, tomato and cheese pack.

In the detail

The finish is matte with a foil block.

Promotional branded video

To help give a sense of the visual brand style we created this simple branded video example.

The range

The range uses different copy snd use of the characters.