Aldrees forecourt re design

We created a new and modular and contemporary forecourt design for Saudi Aria’s national forecourt offer. Although we didn’t change the logo, every other detail was re envisaged. The finished result is a modular, clean design which is a fresh and stylish contribution to the Saudi retail environment.

Retrofitting older sites

Forecourts across Saudi have suffered over the years, mostly due to a lack of focus on retail, with a focus on fast churn and high returns at the pump. The changing economic challengers that face Saudi today are seeing a push for forecourt fuel sales, to transform into fully fledged retail offers.

What this has meant, is any new design concept needs to have several core areas of focus;
1 – a design that is a global leading standard.
2 – that uses a modular system that allows for fast and cost effective site builds.
3 – A design that allows for multi site retrofit implementation, so as to allow older and varying site designs to embrace the new design.

Aldrees forecourt design

A fresh and modern forecourt design, a new and exciting concept rolled out across KSA.