Afriquia is Africa’s largest forecourt offer, with over 500 stations located across north Africa.

Afriquia forecourts have used the wave in its canopy since the 80’s, which has become an iconic element to their brand – one of our challenges. Knowing that we needed to keep the wave, we simplified the shape and made the finished result modular.

The brief was to re vamp their forecourts, taking what had been before, the wave canopy, the bright colour palette, their blue, and to make a warm, friendly and national forecourt.

From brand strategy, re brand, forecourt design, convenient (C-store) design, cafe design, all application, such as advertising and promotion, wayfinding, uniforms, website and general digital, corporate brand, traffic flow, product sales systems, totems, canopy, pump island, point of sale, livery, tanker design, basically every detail.

We also designed the canopy and supplied design intent drawings, the buildings cladding, lighting, spreaders. We supplied full guidelines, including CAD details, and in both French and Arabic.

Designed by Garden – a global branding agency, unique experiences.

Forecourt branding and design

We knew that we had to keep the wave, it had been part of the north African skyline since the 80’s after Minale designed the original, however we had the challenge of modernising the shape, while creating a system that would be easy to manufacture, instal and always be consistent, while at the same time consider issues like lighting, drainage, maintenance and heat issues.

Canopy edge lighting

A lot of time was given to the canopy edge. It needed to be functional, allowing for drainage, it needed to be modular to help easy manufacturing, it needed to spread light evenly and it needed to not collect dust and sand.

A bright and fun Moroccan centric brand

The brand is bright and fun, centred around Moroccan culture.

A full retail offer

The brand was designed to be a warm Morocco centric offer. We designed the full environment, from brand, forecourt environment, customer flow, canopy, totem, pump island, convenient store, cafe, as well as creating a retro fit and modular system for full roll out.

Pump island

Important considerations, such wayfinding and island bump bars, at pump product, card readers, storage and general paper and water dispensers all integrated within the modular system.

Car care

We branded and designed the centralised car care offer.