At Garden we believe that nothing stands still, that almost everything grows and evolves. We believe brands are just the same, they need attention and nurturing, and that with the right care we can create amazing and compelling brands and brand identities that make the world a more interesting place to be.

Garden are a branding agency working across the globe helping brand companies through research, bespoke strategy, consultancy, graphic design and implementation. We are a group of lateral thinkers, visual explorers, creative dreamers, technical abstractionists and humorous, warm people who are constantly challenging the boundaries to create amazing branding solutions.

Why not work with us to explore and grow effective brands, we are Garden, one of London and Dubai’s unique branding agencies.



Wafi is a Saudi forecourt offer, the first Saudi offer to be based around sustainability and modularity. Changes to policy in the region meant that all forecourt offers need to raise their standard to align to international levels, however the model has been mostly based around fuel and not retail … More >

New offices

We are very pleased to have moved into a new office and location by the canal in Islington. Our new address is; 28 Waterside, 44–48 Wharf Road, London N1 7UX come give us a visit, although, mind the boxes, as still got lots to unpack!

Sandwich Cream

I recently read the news that Heinz is considering changing the name of Salad Cream to Sandwich Cream – I find this fascinating! I can’t say if I think this is a good thing to do or not, but I have to say that my initial instinct is that it … More >